Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Nah Jie Yi (07)

Traits of a good leader: 
  • Determined - he must to have a goal and the heart to complete something
  • Influential - he has to influence people into his ideas of why to change and why not to change something in a particular situation, to make the people believe in him and give their fullest support, so that he can do the change successfully. 
  • Fair - he has to be fair to one another so that the people in a group has their own roles and jobs to do.
  • Intelligent - he has to be intelligent so that he knows what he is doing when conducting a group.
  • Decisive - he has to be decisive and firm on his stand so that people can have full trust on his works.
  • Active - he has to be sociable to gather more people (have more friends) to help him whenever he is in need.
How a good leader manages crisis in under stressful situations:

Leaders must face reality and reality starts with the person in charge. When in a crisis, a leader has to quickly make a move or have a smart decision to change the situation they are in. They have to stay calm and think positive. Before volunteering others to help him, he has to volunteer himself first to show off and start up with a good example to the other volunteers behind. Make sure he gathers all his teammates, have a group meeting to discuss the best possible solution to the situation.

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